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Charity is an essential part of Islam as it helps others in this world and ourselves in the afterlife.

Contrary to popular belief, charity does not have to be an act of giving money; it encompasses everyday activities that provide benefits to others. Here are 5 charitable acts that we can do which do not involve donating money.  

1. Every Kindly Act is Considered Charity  

helping charity

According to Prophet Mohammed (SAWA); “Every kindly act is considered charity”. A kindly act could be as simple as guiding someone in the right direction, removing an obstacle from a hallway, or visiting the sick. All these acts will help improve the lives of others. Living life as a good Muslim and being selfless is an act of charity and will increase your rewards for the afterlife. 

2. Guarding your Tongue  

gaurding tongue charity

In Islamic teachings, there is an emphasis on restraining our tongues as our words have the power to hurt others. From back-biting, lying and bringing people down, words have severe consequences that are hard to undo. As such, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) said “Guard your tongue, for verily this is a charitable act that you perform for your own sake”. This is considered an act of charity as it not only prevents problems from occurring between people, but also gives you time to think about the consequences of your words.  

3. Abandoning Evil Acts  

stop sin charity

We are faced with many obstacles in life, some of which may stray us in the wrong direction. However, repenting and abandoning non-Islamic acts is considered an act of charity, according to Prophet Mohammed (SAWA). This is because you will benefit your soul and turn towards Allah, thereby improving your own life.  

4. Reconciling Others 

reconciling charity

When problems occur between two individuals, it can become hard to mend the wounds. This is why reconciling individuals is considered an act of charity, as it is helping others and preventing any further harm from occurring. Imam Al-Sadiq (AS) says; “A charitable act that Allah loves indeed is reconciling people when they have become estranged to one another, and bringing them close together when they have become distanced from each other”. 

5. Helping those with disabilities 

disability charity

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of people living with disabilities or impairments. In Islam, taking time to help someone with a disability achieve something and having patience with them is considered an act of charity. For example, Imam Al-Sadiq (AS) said that making a deaf person understand something without getting irritated is a wholesome act of charity. 

It is clear that charitable acts can be done daily, without needing to donate money. We can all challenge ourselves to try to do one kind act every day to support others or fulfil one act of charity. An effective way of doing this could be by volunteering your time with The Zahra(s) Trust Canada! To volunteer and get involved click here!