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At The Zahra(s) Trust Canada, we firmly believe in the Power of giving back, and we’ve made it easier than ever for employed professionals like you to make a meaningful impact through your workplace.

Increasingly, employers are endorsing their employees’ charitable endeavours through company-sponsored giving initiatives and donation-matching programs. Some companies even extend these benefits to spouses and retirees. Therefore, if your employer doesn’t provide such a program, your partner’s employer might. Consult your HR department today for more information.

How It Works

Eligible for Corporate Giving Charity Partners

If you are already giving through reputable corporate giving charity partners, including Canada Helps, Benevity, United Way, and more, you can select The Zahra Trust Canada as the charitable recipient, making it incredibly simple for you to offer hope to those who need it most.

Take Advantage of Your Employer Donation Matching

One of the most remarkable features of our program is employer donation matching. Your workplace may match your contribution, effectively doubling the impact of your giving. This means your support can reach even further to support crucial initiatives. 

Tap into Payroll Deductions

If your employer offers payroll deductions, you can effortlessly contribute to our charity with each paycheck. Small, consistent donations can accumulate into a significant contribution, substantially impacting the causes you care about.

Why It Matters

When you participate in our Workplace Giving Program, you are not only supporting charitable causes but also harnessing the collective Power of your workplace to make the world a better place. Your contributions are vital to our various essential operations worldwide.

Join the Movement

Imagine being part of a movement that’s improving the world. Through our Workplace Giving Program, you can catalyze positive change. Your actions align with our core values; together, we can create a brighter future for those in need.

Contact your HR department for instructions on accessing your company’s online giving platform and follow their guidance on the donation process.

Trust in Our Mission

We understand that when it comes to giving back, trust is paramount. The highest standards of accountability uphold our Workplace/Corporate Giving Program.

We have partnered with reputable charity platforms to ensure the utmost integrity of your contributions.

Every day, we strive to empower lives worldwide by providing basic necessities, enhancing self-sufficiency, and encouraging spiritual growth for all. Together, we can Unlock the Power of Workplace Giving for the greater good.

Search for ‘The Zahra Trust Canada‘ today on your Workplace Giving platforms!

Your contribution, coupled with the support of your employer and colleagues, will continue to empower lives, one generous donation at a time.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]