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Orphans, Widows and Vulnerable Children

Globally there are an estimated 140 million children who have lost one or both parents. Often it is the father – the breadwinner in many communities – that has passed away, leaving the family struggling to afford basic necessities, such as food and shelter. Without sufficient support or financial stability, many orphaned children drop out of school to find low-paid, unstable, and manual work. In some cases, they are abused or manipulated into committing crimes.  

Our Orphans, Widows & Vulnerable programme integrates multiple aid sectors into one response, supporting in the following ways.

Zero Hunger

We provide hot meals and food packs throughout the year. 

Clean Water and Sanitation 

The Zahra(s) Trust Canada provided water access to vulnerable communities in flood, drought and disaster-prone regions. In the last two years we provided over 40 water wells including electric wells, solar water wells, handpumps and toilet facilities as well as 2 Ultrafiltration Stations to communities in Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan.  

Essential Support

We support families with their essential needs including costs for critical care, living and maintenance expenses.

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