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Beauty, Compassion, and Inspiration: Fatima Zahra (AS), the Most Celebrated Woman

In pre-Islamic Arabia, it was no secret that girls and women were subjugated and considered to be inferior to men. The horrors of female infanticide were once a reality, and it was not uncommon for parents to hang their heads in shame upon the birth of a baby girl. Today, in stark contrast to that reality, we celebrate the birth and life of Lady Fatima (AS), the blessed daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Lady Khadija (AS), who in an era that denigrated the status of women, became the mother of the holy lineage of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and is recognized as the Leader of the Women of Paradise.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself demonstrated the immense love and value that he placed on his beloved daughter. Whenever she would enter a room, the Prophet (SAW) would rise from his seat out of respect for her. He famously referred to her as Umme Abiha, or “the mother of her father” to illustrate that her role in his life is no less than that of a mother, the most cherished of women in everyone’s lives.

Fatima (AS) was known to continuously provide comfort and compassion to her father, particularly on difficult days when he would come home covered in dust, thorns, and trash by those who opposed and ridiculed him. She often shielded her father’s body from the stones that others threw on him.

She was also adept at nursing and was responsible for tending to the wounds. In one example, Fatima (AS) demonstrates her skill by being the only one who was able to stop the blood flow from an injury on the Prophet (SAW)’s head, despite others’ efforts, by covering the wound with ashes from burnt straw.

Fatima (AS) was valiant and vocal in her stand for her own rights as a woman when they were denied, and in this way stood as a shining example for women of all times.

The Prophet (SAW) was reported as saying “If beauty were a person it would be Fatima. Nay! She is greater…”

Today, Fatima’s name is held synonymous with inner and outer beauty, the beauty of character, faith and spirituality.

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