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Unfortunately, hundreds of millions around the globe are currently living without an easily accessible source of safe, clean drinking water. Water wells and other sustainable water solutions help provide a solution to this crisis and are a continuous source of relief to communities in need.

Water Well

Last week we shared a post all about Sadaqa Jariya and the benefits of sponsoring a water well. Often we get many questions about how these water solutions are built, so in this post, we will be answering these common questions!

1. Where are your water wells or water solutions built?

Currently, we have various projects ongoing to provide sustainable water solutions for communities in need. These include electric water wells, manual hand pumps and toilet facilities, solar water wells and water filtration plants. The first three of these are most commonly built in Pakistan. The exact location of the well depends based on what are the needs of the region considering factors such as electricity availability, drilling depth required to access water and other factors. The final project, water filtration plants, are currently being built in Yemen to purify existing but contaminated water sources.

2. Can I build a water well in a specific location of my choice?

In order to uphold the best interest of our beneficiaries, we, unfortunately, cannot accommodate requests for water wells to be built in specific locations. This is done in order to ensure those who need access to safe water are able to get it at the best and most efficient rate possible.

3. How much does it cost to sponsor these projects?

The cost for sponsoring a sustainable water solution depends based on the type of water solution it is.

Hand Pumps and Toilet Facilities: $900 CAD

Electric Water Wells: $2100 CAD

Solar Water Plants: $3000 CAD

Water Purification Plant: The total cost of this project is $85,000 CAD, however, smaller donations can be made.

4. How long do these solutions take to build?

Similarly to cost, timeline for water solutions also depends on which type and region it is.

Hand Pumps and Toilet Facilities: Typically up to nine months for completion.

Electric Water Wells: Typically up to nine months for completion.

Solar Water Plants: Typically up to 18 months for completion.

Water Purification Plant: Unfortunately, due to the unstable situation in Yemen the timing for this project can vary. Current timings can take from 6 to 12 months, however, this can be extended or delayed if situations beyond our control pose a risk to installation.

5. How many people to these solutions benefit?

The number of people who benefit from a solution depends on various factors such as the location of installation and capacity. The range could be anywhere from up to 100 individuals to thousands. In some communities, these water solutions are the only source of sustainable safe water for the entire village.

Water Well

6. Can I include a message on the water well in memory of a loved one?

Yes, you certainly can! A message to indicate the well was been donated in memory of a loved one or to indicate that it has been completed on behalf of an individual or organization can be included in all of these sustainable water solutions.

We hope this post has helped answer some of your common questions about water wells and sustainable water solutions! If you have any other questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us by visiting our contact page!

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