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Sayeda Khadija (sa) is known across the ummah as one of the four greatest women of this world and the next.

Alongside her is Lady Asiya (sa) wife of Pharoah, Lady Maryam (sa) mother of Christ (as), and Sayeda Fatima (sa) daughter of Muhammad and Khadija (sawa). In today’s blog post, we explore; what makes Sayeda Khadija (sa) so great?  


Several sources state that Syeda Khadija (sa) was born in 565 A.D. She was the daughter of Fatima and Khuwaylid, and came from a family who were known to be successful merchants and business people. Upon the passing of her father and mother, Khadija (sa) was entrusted with the wealth of her family. Khadija (sa) later became a successful business woman herself, commissioning leaders of trade caravans. 

It is not wealth and status alone that made Sayeda Khadija (sa) great, but the ways in which she gave her wealth in the cause of Islam and for the benefit of the ummah. Upon her marriage to our great Prophet Muhammad (sawa), Khadija (sa) took on a crucial role as a light and rock for the Prophet. At the onset of his prophetic mission, she accepted the revelations and truth in Islam – narrations state that Khadija (sa) always carried a monotheistic belief, and Islam was a seal on her belief.  

⁠Sayeda Khadija (sa), one of the first Muslims, was dedicated to helping her community, supporting those who were oppressed, and was a rock for Prophet Muhammad (sawa) in the years of his prophethood. At the dawn of Islam, Khadija (sa) was committed to giving her wealth in the name of Islam. During the first few years of the prophetic mission, Khadija (sa) scarified much of her wealth and resources in support of the ummah.  

She used her wealth to feed and clothe the needy, provide shelter for the oppressed, assist her relatives and friends financially, and even provide for the marriage of those of her kin who could not otherwise have had means to marry. The vast majority of Muslims in Makkah were poor and destitute and were drawn to the message of Islam through the mission of the Holy Prophet (sawa) and the charitable deeds of Syeda Khadija (sa).  

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sawa) said himself, “Who is like Khadija? She believed in me when people rejected me, and she supported me in establishing the religion of God by contributing her wealth.” 

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“Islam would not have spread if it was not for the wealth of Khadija (sa).”  


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