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Islam Jesus
Islam as a religion, word, and way of life entails the submission of ones’ self to God. In Islam, there are tenets that are central to complete belief. One of those tenets is the belief in all of the prophets of God, from Prophet Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), including Prophet Jesus (AS). 
Jesus Justice

Jesus (AS) is central to the Islamic message of Allah’s will. He is revered to be a prophet, messenger, messiah, and a leader in the realms of spirituality and worldly affairs. The general Islamic beliefs regarding Jesus (AS) are similar to those within Christianity. This includes Jesus’ ability to perform miracles, his mission of justice for all humankind, and that he will come back to the Earth again near the Day of Judgement to aid in guiding all of creation to a path of salvation.  

Lady Mary Jesus

As Muslims hold Prophet Jesus (AS) to a high regard, we also hold his mother, Lady Maryam (AS) to a noble and high status. Lady Maryam (AS) is the only woman that the holy Qur’an mentions by name, and the Qur’an has revealed Surah Maryam, a chapter in her name. She is noted as one of the most important and highly guided women in Islam, with the best of morals and deeds, and purest in character. She received revelation in her difficult journey to the birth of prophet Jesus (AS), and she is highly rewarded for her perseverance and trust in Allah.  

Peace Jesus

With over 2 billion Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims living around the world, The Zahra(s) Trust Canada encourages our generous donors to let our love and reverence for Prophet Jesus and Lady Maryam (AS) to be central in our kinship with the Christian community. We believe that our similarities must continue to be highlighted, as the first step to establishing an alliance with one another is practising mutual understanding and respect. The establishment of peace means the destruction of war, injustices, hate crimes and otherworldly perils that stem from misinformation, biases, and lack of compassion.  

Joyous Jesus

The Zahra(s) Trust Canada wishes a happy and joyous Christmas to our Christian followers and readers. The holy Qur’an states that our Christian brothers and sisters are nearest to us in affection and friendship (5:82). May we all take our time off in this holiday season as a time to reflect on the year passed, and actively work to employ Jesus’ (AS) teachings of compassion, justice and love of God into our lives.