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The Lebanese people have been struggling for several months due to an ongoing economic crisis within the country. Recently, with the new economic impacts of Covid-19, they are struggling even more.
Lebanon needs our help.

Not only is the country facing a worldwide pandemic, but also the collapsing economy is putting citizens at risk of rising poverty and hunger. Half of the population is already living below the poverty line. Currently $1 USD = 10,000 Lebanese Liras. This means that the Lira has dropped to more than half of its original value, and Lira salaries have stayed the same. To put this into perspective, imagine if suddenly your yearly/monthly wage and savings drastically lost more than 60% of their purchasing power.

Since the Lebanese Lira has been devalued, people have found themselves stuck in a financial crisis. This decision has resulted in a rapid increase of suicide rates, medical problems, and overall famine. In recent news, we have discovered multiple cases where males, specifically fathers have committed suicide due to financial struggles. These suicides are becoming more prevalent as the economic and social situation becomes worse, and there is no solution in sight.

As long as the Lebanese population does not have access to basic needs, their financial situation will never change. Hospitals at full capacity, can not accommodate more Covid cases. With the recent blast in Beirut, hospitals already struggling with Covid have been overloaded with victims of the blast. The people of Lebanon need support now. You can make the difference by donating today to help provide greatly needed aid.

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