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The period between March 20th & 21st marks the celebration of the day of Nowruz amongst millions worldwide and is considered the first day of Spring by many others living in the Northern Hemisphere. As per the traditional Persian culture, it is the beginning of a new year, a renewed energetically changing of Earth’s energy. Many say it brings about the granting of wishes and dreams. No matter in which cultural lens Nowruz or the Spring Equinox is looked at, the common denominator is an energy shift, hope in the future and a reawakening of oneself.

Many religious scholars hold various opinions about the authenticity of Nowruz within the Islamic context. There may be multiple views of the recommended acts or lack thereof, per customs and practices prescribed and approved by the Ahlul Bayt (a.s). However, this article’s perspective is merely from a standpoint that Nowruz is an opportunity to ground oneself. This is done by expressing gratitude, self-reflecting on one’s present and future, and offering prayers to build our spirituality; all to recharge ourselves along with the revival of nature.

Nowruz symbolizes the beginning of our journey to grounding and rebirth of our dreams, goals, and ambitions. The prayers recited and offered throughout the day only add and boost the energies present to support our journey on Earth. With the shuffling of the Spring Equinox energy bringing back the green colours of the trees, the blooming of flowers, birds, bees and butterflies, more sunshine and a new life in the atmosphere, there is a sense of renewal.

All individuals must indulge in some grounding ceremony or activity within the year–as often as possible or at least once. When a person grounds themselves, they not only consciously remember their true desires in life but subconsciously allow themselves to gain elevation and reach a level of synchronization with their emotions and wishes. When these two entities come to a standard frequency, that manifestation occurs.

Grounding also enables people to bring stability to their lives within the four realms–physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. It gives individuals the confidence to face challenges, the self-love to accept themselves and their struggles and the deep connection to their Lord. These attributes are fundamental to living a holistic lifestyle.

Look at a tree as an example; until the tree has not fully grown its roots, it has no stability. A forceful wind, a heavy push, extreme rain, and soft ground are all significant issues for a young tree. As the tree grows its roots and grounds itself more and more deeply, it becomes more robust and can bear the harshness of its surroundings. We need to ground ourselves like trees so profoundly that the severity of this world will not be able to uproot us, and we are so flexible that we can easily sway in the winds without causing us any damage.

Grounding oneself has many physical benefits; it helps alleviate aches, pains, and inflammation, improves sleep and increases body vitality1. Overall, it helps a person to destress.

There are many methods to ground oneself. First and foremost, it is from the spiritual field of connecting with the Creator–the One True Lord. This is a sure success and the most profound method towards grounding. Knowing that we belong to Him and to Him, we shall return, takes away all emotional connection to the atrocities of this world. Another grounding method is connecting to the land by walking bare feet on green grass before the morning dew dries up; this has been one of the recommendations in the religion of Islam. Imam As-Sadiq mentions that looking at green grass is one of the ten recommended acts of pleasing oneself2.

We also connect ourselves to the Earth daily during prayers in the state of prostration. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said3,

“The earth is made for me as a place of prostration and purification.”

This is why the Holy Prophet (pbuh) always prostrated on Earth.  

It doesn’t matter what occasion is being celebrated if it falls within the jurisdiction of Islamic law. Our focus during this change of seasons should be the prayers’ words and how they connect us to God Almighty. There is an awe to feel the shift in energy at the precise time of the Equinox at 5:24 pm this year, and then wait for the first rainfall after this day to collect the first energetically charged water drops that may hold powers of healing.

To everyone, Nowruz is the beginning of a new and renewed you, a vast potential for growth, Insha’Allah!

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