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The success of this Ramadan has brought countless blessings.

By the grace of Allah SWT, your donations have helped to raise over $200,000 of aid this Ramadan. In comparison to last year’s campaign, this year’s funds have doubled. This means that our ability and capability to provide aid and assistance is two times greater. While our final report for Ramadan 2021 is still in the works, we want to share a sneak peak of the successes that Allah SWT has brought forth for us all. Without our generous donors, our work would not be possible. Thank you all! 

The Zahra(s) Trust Canada Thanks you

As stated earlier, over $200,000 of aid was fundraised to be distributed across West and South Asian regions. From iftar packs, COVID-19 relief packs, and water relief, our brothers and sisters around the globe have benefitted and will continue to benefit from your generous donations, Insha’Allah. 

Here are some numbers for a more specific breakdown: 

Over 13,000 meals have been funded, included Qadr iftars, Ramadan iftars, and meals for orphans and widows. 

Over 4000 water bottles have been funded, providing thousands with clean drinking water. 

Water Distribution Ramadan

More than 20 COVID-19 Relief packs have been funded, preserving the health and safety of our brothers and sisters. 

We have also funded 20 water wells this Ramadan, providing 20 communities with clean sanitization and drinking water for years to come.

Water Well

We have also raised over $40,000 for Yemen, which extends to meals, sanitation services, financial aid among other forms of aid. 

Alhamdulillah for all the success thus far. We extend our du’as and thanks to all our generous donors. As many of you may know, your donations do not only benefit our brothers and sisters, but they also benefit you in return. Many hadith narrations confirm that when Allah SWT receives our well-intentioned charitable donations, He will increase our monetary and spiritual wealth tenfold. 

Thank you

We pray that all your charitable donations are accepted from this past Ramadan onwards, and that Allah SWT continuous to bless us all with success. We also pray that our funds and abilities continue to increase with the years to come, Insha’Allah.  

Although Ramadan has left us for another year, let us work to not lose momentum. To continue supporting our brothers and sisters around the globe by giving from our cherished wealth, you can donate to our other campaigns active on our website.

The Zahra(s) Trust Canada offers our du’as and many thanks to all of you, on behalf of the team and our beneficiaries. Thank you for making our work possible. 

Thank you Ramadan