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1 in 6 children in Iraq are orphans. Millions more are displaced or living in poverty. They need our help.  

Without adequate support, many orphans and displaced children are sadly forced to leave school and find work that is low paying and unreliable. Many of these children are led into a recurring cycle of poverty, passed on from one generation to the next and deprived of opportunities available to their peers.

The Dar al Zahra school is working to end this cycle. 

Make a Change!

The Dar al Zahra school in Najaf, founded in 2008, serves over 1,000 vulnerable children with 85% of students being orphans.  

This outstanding school offers education from Primary 1 (Grade 1) to Preparatory 6 (Grade 12). The orphan students are provided with free education including uniforms, text books, stationery, transport, medical care, breakfast and lunch. 

Dar al Zahra’s vision is ‘to create a loving, secure and modern environment to deliver an education that will help our children unlock their potential and develop into the next generation of leaders in our Spiritual Capital’. Dar al Zahra believes in the importance of investing in the lives and dreams of orphans until they have completed their university education, supporting these children towards a better future. 

Help support over 1000 vulnerable children by supporting their education and help break the cycle of poverty.