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Jar 4 Ajr

Collect Ajr in a Jar this Ramadan!

Grab a FREE* AJR JAR and transform your daily drink budget into a nourishing meal for Orphan children!

How it works?

  • Fill out the interest form below and submit it.
  • Ajr Jar distribution will be initiated in the week of March 4th, 2024.
  • Coordinate with a member of our team to pick up an Ajr Jar from one of the Shia centres or a common location around the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Start adding a daily donation equivalent to your drink budget for the day (recommended $5 for a hot iftar meal) in the Ajr Jar while you’re fasting.
  • Every week, count the amount collected (recommended on Fridays) and make a donation matching the amount below online, via mobile app or e-transfer (mention Ajr Jar in the notes). You will conveniently receive a tax receipt for every donation made.
  • And that’s it. Before you know it, individually, you will have fed 30 meals to Orphan children by the end of the month of Ramadan!**
  • The Ajr Jar can also be used on a family basis to collect more Ajr collectively, Insha’Allah.


  • *Open to residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) only. Shipping unavailable.
  • **Approximate impact considering a daily donation of $5 made for 30 days.
  • Submitting an interest form for the Jar 4 Ajr program does not guarantee a hold on your Ajr Jar.
  • First come, first served – limited quantities available for pickup.
  • Our team members will try to arrange a pickup from a convenient location for both parties. However, any harassment or act of aggression will immediately serve as grounds for disqualification from receiving the Free product.
  • Only one Ajr Jar is allowed per household. Limited quantities are available. Please be considerate of other people so they, too, can benefit from this program.

Donate here

Donate your Ajr Jar collection here!