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The Nudba Group of Toronto Initiative

This Muharram, the Nudba Group of Toronto, continues to focus on raising funds for Economic development projects serving underprivileged communities.

Thanks to your generosity, we raised $50,000 last year, helping 22 families attain self-sufficiency and generate income.

The wonderful individuals at the Nudba Group of Toronto and our team at The Zahra(s) Trust Canada want to double our impact this year by raising $100,000 to provide families with a dignified living and a halal income.

We appreciate your support toward our campaign and look forward to helping those in need together!

Download the 2022-2023 Nudba Group Impact Report

Economic Development

Iraq has been caught in a deep economic crisis for decades. They are disproportionately suffering the severe economic effects of COVID-19 and require more comprehensive financing assistance and economic development after the pandemic. Economic diversification is urgently needed to create employment opportunities for the primarily young civilians, who are now flooding the labour market.

At The Zahra Trust Canada, we work on a community level to support those in need. Donated funds provide financial assistance and economic relief resources wherever and whenever possible.

The Satuta project aims to help families secure a stable income and enhance their societal standing by facilitating business ownership and reducing associated barriers. It would also give families a dignified living and generate a halal income.

Families are provided with a Satuta, while they repay its cost in installments.

Send your donations via e-transfer to [email protected]