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This April, youth groups across the GTA are leading an initiative to help raise funds for those in need around the world. This initiative will focus on supporting orphans, widows, and vulnerable children.

More information regarding these initiatives can be found below. The students at TMA York, TMA Ryerson, TMA UTSC, TMA UTM, AI Rasool Youth, Imam Mahdi Youth, and OTU ASA and our team at The Zahra(s) Trust Canada appreciate your support and we look forward to helping those in need together!

Orphans, Widows and Vulnerable Children

Millions of vulnerable children around the globe are in need of aid. At The Zahra(s) Trust Canada we work on a community level to support those in need. This means that funds are used to support multiple children and widows wherever and whenever possible. Funds could be used in any of the following ways:

  1. Financial assistance to families
  2. Food assistance to orphans, widows and vulnerable children
  3. Support with other basic necessity costs such as shelter and appliances

Support the GTA Youth initiative today!