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TZF Echoes Competition

Would you like your melodious voice to echo in recitation of the Holy Qur’an or poetry in honour of the Ahlul-Bayt (a.s)?
If yes, register now to showcase your talent in our fundraising event for the recent earthquake in Turkiye & Syria! (Purchase Tickets)

Competition Categories:

  • Qur’an
  • Nasheed/Manqabat and Spoken Word Poetry

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to male participants only
  • Aged 6 yrs and over at the time of the entry.   

Winning Prizes:

  • First Prize – Qur’an competition winner: 1 Iraq Ziarat Land Package*
  • First Prize – Nasheed/Manaqabat/Spoken Word Poetry competition winner: 1 Iraq Ziarat Land Package*
    Note: Since the prize is a Ziarat trip, there is only ONE land package to be won for each of the two categories. Hence, any winning team performance will only win ONE Ziarat land package.

*valid for either Ashura 2023 or Ashura 2024. The prize has no cash value, cannot be transferred to another person and must be used for the designated time period as indicated.

Participation Details and Rules: 

  • The competition will take place at the Masumeen Islamic Centre in Brampton, Ontario. Note that only the top 5 finalists in the Qur’an and top 5 finalists in the Nasheed/Manqabat/Spoken Word Category will perform on March 25th, 2023.  
  • This competition is open to all male participants across Canada. This is an in-person, live event. The participants under the age of 18 yrs must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). All travel and accommodation is the responsibility of participants and/or their legal guardians. Flights and accommodation will not be paid for or subsidized by The Zahra(s) Trust Canada. If for some reason, and under unavoidable circumstances, the date is changed, The Zahra(s) Trust Canada is not responsible, or liable for any expenses incurred by the participant and their families. 
  • The program may be recorded for The Zahra(s) Trust Canada’s archives and marketing purposes. Each participant and/or their legal guardian must provide irrevocable consent and sign a Media Consent, Release, and Waiver Form.  
  • Spoken Word Poetry and Manqabat/Nasheed may be conducted in other languages if desired.  
  • All participants are required to adhere to Islamic Dress Code. 
  • The 10 selected finalists’ entry at TZF Echoes event is free of charge. 


  • Participants must record videos of the Nasheed/Manqabat, Spoken Word or Qur’an Recitation. The recordings should be clearly audible for the panel to make their decisions.  
  • The video recording must not exceed two minutes in length (Maximum two verses of the chosen Manqabat, spoken word or Qur’an)  
  • The video should be recorded in a quiet environment with minimum noise. Your video should be recorded in landscape mode and recorded in good quality resolution. 
  • Only the top 5 best performances will be chosen from Manqabat/Nasheed and Spoken Word Category. Note: these two are mixed categories.
  • Only the top 5 best reciters will be chosen from the Qur’an Recitation Category. Participants will be judged on their Tajweed, Makharij, and Tarteel.  
  • The top 10 finalists from both, the Qur’an category, and the Manqabat/Nasheed and Spoken Word Poetry category will move on to the final round, and perform on the day of the event – March 25th, 2023. 
  • Video audition to be sent to [email protected] no later than March 16th, 2023.

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